Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTs Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013

 Berikut ini kami bagikan contoh Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTs Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023 lengkap semua mata pelajaran. PAS atau penilian akhir semester dilakukan untuk mengetahui kemampuan serta pemahaman siswa dalam memahami materi pelajaran selama satu semester.

Salah satu cara peserta didik mempersiapkan diri menghadapi PAS Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023 adalah dengan mempelajari contoh soal PAS Kurikulum 2013.

Dengan mempelajari contoh soal PAS Kurikulum 2013 ini, diharapkan peserta didik kelas memiliki gambaran bentuk soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 SMP/MTs Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023, serta Soal PAS ini merupakan soal PAS terbaru tahun 2022 kurikulum 2013.

PAS Sebagai Penilaian Hasil Belajar Selama 1 Semester

Setiap satuan pendidikan, selain wajib melakukan perencanaan dan proses pembelajaran, juga perlu melakukan penilaian hasil pembelajaran sebagai upaya terlaksananya proses pembelajaran yang efektif dan efisien.

Salah satu bentuk penilaian tersebut adalah Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS). PAS merupakan salah satu bentuk evaluasi belajar yang materi soalnya diambilkan dari setengah materi dalam satu semester .

PAS menjadi salah satu penilaian hasil belajar selain bentuk penilaian lainnya, seperti Penilaian Ulangan Harian, Penilaian Tugas, dan Penilaian Akhir Semester.

Tujuan Penilaian Akhir Tahun (PAS) secara umum adalah untuk menilai pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik selama setengah semester dan hasilnya dijadikan sebagai bahan penyusunan laporan kemajuan belajar.

Sedangkan secara khusus, tujuan pelaksanaan PAS adalah sebagai berikut.

  1. Untuk memperbaiki proses pembelajaran yang sudah berlangsung selama setengah semester.
  2. Untuk mengetahui kemajuan dan hasil belajar peserta didik selama setengah semester.
  3. Untuk mendiagnosa kesulitan belajar peserta didik.
  4. Untuk memotivasi peserta didik dalam melakukan perbaikan hasil belajar.
  5. Untuk mendeteksi kebutuhan remidial dan pengayaan peserta didik.

Sedangkan beberapa fungsi dari PAS adalah sebagai berikut.

  1. Sebagai salah satu bahan pertimbangan dalam menentukan kenaikan kelas.
  2. Sebagai umpan balik dalam perbaikan proses pembelajaran.
  3. Sebagai upaya untuk meningkatkan motivasi belajar peserta didik.
  4. Sebagai evaluasi diri terhadap kinerja peserta didik.
Dibawah ini merupakan contoh soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTs Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013, yang bisa bapak/ibu guru donwload secara gratis.

I. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat pada pilihan A, B, C, dan D di bawah ini!
1. What kind of attention is this .....
A. Giving attention
B. Giving prohibition
C. Asking for attention
D. Giving suggestion
2. There are asking for attention expression expect .....
A. Attention please
B. I suggest you
C. Hello
D. are you ready to study
3. Wati : you look cute with your new hair cute.
Iwan : thank you for saying so .....
What does it mean .....
A. She compliments iwan
B. She doen’t like iwan
C. she want s to have a new hair cut
D. She congratulate Iwan
4. Edo :I think all of animals in the zoo should be looked up in cages.
Women :I don’t think so .....
What does it mean ?
A. She think that all animals should have cage
B. she agree with Edos opinion
C. She think is very good
D. she disagree with Edos’ opinin
5. Mr. Budi .....Are we all ready to learn English?
Student yes ma’am
A. Do you understand
B. what do you think
C. I think so
D. attrntion please
6. We ..... come here before nine oc’lock.
A. Can         C. Can’t
B. Will not         D. Shoud
7. She ..... Come to my party.becouse she is sick.
A. Can         C. Can’t
B. Will not         D. Should
8. Tiara ..... Make a delicious cake .because she will celebrate her birthday party.
A. Will not         C. Can’t
B. Will         D. Is
9. I ..... make a cake by myself.but I ..... try it.
A. can’t - will C. will - can’t
B. can - will         D. will not- can’t
10. My mom .....cook me a delicious food before .I come here.
A. will         C. can
B. will not         D. can’t
11. Udin will you help me to bring this book to the library
A. I’m sorry I can’t
B. I’m busy
C. I will do my home work
D. Sure
12. We will use more English now. You ..... greet me and your friends in English
A. can         C. should
B. have D. will
13. I will go out, but it is very cloudy now. You ..... bring jacket
A. must C. cant
B. will         D. should
14. We .....wear a uniform everyday.
A. must C. will
B. can         D. should
15. We be late to school
A. must C. will
B. must not         D. should
16. We ..... Keep our classroom clean and tidy
A. will         C. must
B. must not         D. should
This txt is for Question 17!
Dear Lina
Please come to my 15th birthday a party. It will be held
Place : Merpati
Date : 24th of november
Time : 19.00 pm
Please come on time! Without you the party is not

17. Who will celebrate birthday party?
A. Lina C. Lina’s mother
B. Budi D. Anita
18. This is Tanah lot of Bali island. I ...... go there someday
A. will         C. am not
B. will not         D. am

This txt is for Question 19-20!
Dear Mrs. Rany
Congratulation on the opening of your boutiquel
I wish you luck and success!
Mr. Roby

19. Why does Mr. Robby congratulate Mrs. Tany?
A. She has a new job
B. She has a new businnes
C. She has a new residence
D. She has a branch of her business
20. Mrs. Rany’s business deals with …..
A. fashion         C. groceries
B. furniture         D. medicines
21. Fatur ..... the window please
A. open C. take
B. draw D. write
22. Your cup is very beautiful. Remember never ..... hot wate in it
A. bring C. clean
B. put         D. drink
23. ..... I was my hand ma’am
A. can         C. may
B. should D. must
24. Ma’am .....I open the door
A. can         C. must
B. should D. may

This txt is for Question 25-26!
To. Dewi
I’m praying for you quick recovery get better soon
You friend

25. Who was praying for Dewi quick recovery get better soon?
A. Dani C. Ati
B. Vivi         D. Alwiyah
26. Who is Dani?
A. Dewi’s mother C. Dewi’s aunt
B. Dewi’s cousin         D. Dewi’s friens
This txt is for Question 27-28!
Dear unty Hani
Congratulation for the new baby!
I cannot wait to play football with him
Your nephew

27. Who hae a new baby …..
A. Aunty Hani C. The writer
B. Anto D. Dunty Hani
28. Anton congratulate Aunty Hani because she has....
A. married         C. new baby
B. a new house D. new car
29. There ..... many trees in front of my house
A. is         C. were
B. are         D. was
30. There ..... a little discipline on the road
A. is         C. was
B. are         D. were
31. Anne : Guys, May I have your attention, please? We have to collect the assignment on our teacher's table now. have you finished it yet?
Yuni : Yes, I have
Qinan : Of course yes
The underlined sentences express .....
A. Giving for attention
B. Asking for attention
C. Showing for attention
D. Asking Opinion
32. Toni : Excuse me, Budi. Could I interrupt? I have something to talk about.
Budi : ..... I am listening
A. Yes, Please
B. Sorry, I have to go now
C. Thanks
D. Are you with me
33. "Excellent, your painting is awesome. You deserve to win."
What is the purpose of the expression?
A. To ask opinion
B. To get attention
C. To show appreciation
D. To give an opinion
34. Anis :Hans, what do you think about our class?
Hans :………
The correct answer of that sentence is .....
A. Yes, I do
B. I am so glad
C. No, I don' t think so
D. I think our class is big and clean
35. Which expression is used to get attention?
A. Do you know what I am saying?
B. Excuse me, may I talk to you?
C. Oh my god, I think you are annoying.
D. With me so far?
36. "what do you feel about this room?"
What is the purpose of the expression?
A. To get attention
B. To ask opinion
C. To give opinion
D. To show appreciation
37. Which sentence is correct?
A. Do you ready to lose?
B. Does anita call you?
C. We does not use our phone
D. She do not care about him
What does the text mean?
A. We can only put food in the unit
B. We can put chemicals in the store room
C. We have to add chemical materials on food
D. We are allowed to mix food and chemicals here
39. Mrs. Tuty :Can you make any juice, please? I'm so thirsty.
Alya :Yes, Mom. I will make you banana and manggo juice. Is that OK?
From the dialogue above, we know that .....
A. Alya will make juice for her mother
B. Alya's mother can't make fruit juice
C. Alya's mother feels starving at the moment
D. Alya and her mother will make juice together
40. Tommy often comes late to school. His teacher tells him .....
A. Don't go to school
B. Don't be late again next time
C. Please, better you go home
D. Pay attention to me, please

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